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Lynchburg Downtown Plan

The challenge for the 2030 Downtown Plan: How do you increase pedestrian circulation through the streets of a historic town on the hillside of the James River? Our solution was to provide attractive, accessible, public spaces to draw people up and down the hillside streets.

Lynchburg Downtown 2040 Plan - Community Planning by Hill Studio

Creative spaces

We designed unique pedestrian spaces such as pocket parks, walkable alleyways and hill streets with amenities sprinkled all throughout to pull pedestrians up the steep streets.  The points of respite provide periods of breaks up these hills offering different yet enjoyable features at each location: a babble of a water fountain, a bench with a view, a piece of public art to enjoy, a shaded spot for lunch, or a playground to play.

Lynchburg Downtown 2040 Plan - Amphitheater - Community Planning by Hill Studio

converting spaces

Bringing new life into otherwise vacant outdoor spaces.

Lynchburg Downtown 2040 Plan - Amphitheater - Community Planning by Hill Studio

reinventing  spaces

Creating lively outdoor spaces to enjoy festivals, music, food, shopping, and play.

Pulaski Downtown Plan

A team of architects, landscape architects, planners, economists, and marketing strategists, joined city officials, staff, and community members in a two day design workshop to develop creative solutions to bring back life to the central downtown.  

Pulaski Downtown Plan - Illustrative Map by Hill Studio

a plan that grows

By strategically designing urban spaces to be more fluid and connective, the downtown can continue to sustain growth connecting  space after space as they become successful urban areas.

Pulaski Downtown Revitalization Master Plan by Hill Studio

A document for growth

The master plan document provides specific guidance to communities. It prescribes creative strategies that will promote growth through urban design projects.

Pulaski Downtown Revitalization Master Plan  by Hill Studio

and sustainability

These projects are designed to sustain that economic growth year after year.

Bedford Downtown

In a quaint small town with historic charm, we engaged the community and developed an encompassing downtown plan that focused on circulation and destinations.

Bedford Downtown - Illustrative Master Plan by Hill Studio

Meaningful connectivity

Connecting schools, connecting parks, connecting businesses, connecting neighborhoods…connecting people.

Bedford Downtown - Streetscape Revitalization design by Hill Studio
Bedford Downtown Plan - Town Square design by Hill Studio

Making way for people

By attracting people in streets otherwise previously reserved for cars, this reinforces pedestrian activity, thereby promoting foot traffic, attention, and spending.

Making way for nature

Adding vegetated spaces in core urban areas where people can sit, people watch, and engage socially makes a great urban park and attracts people to urban centers.